October 8, 2017

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As of August 2015, we have updated our vendor referral list.  Due to sub-standard service, we have removed several vendors and we no longer recommend...

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August 2, 2015

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Summer Closing Suggestions

February 25, 2020

Always double check our suggestions with a licensed vendor to receive their valued opinion.


For this year's departure, we thought we would share some closing suggestions:

  1. Do not cover or close any water drains and always plastic wrap toilets; do not use press and seal.

  2. Make sure all AC return vents are open.

  3. For the summer months we continue recommending that you discontinue the use of a humidistat to control the climate in your home. We suggest leaving the thermostat set to 78 degrees and leave your summer AC control instruction attached to the thermostat. 

  4. Make sure the weep holes on your lanais are clean and draining.

  5. Check all ceilings/windows/fans for mold and water stains and mark all known ceiling water stains. Painting old stains is very helpful.

  6. Before departure inspect your home and communicate any issues that are not repaired, ex. AC issues, ceiling/tile/carpet stains or any other items that may have an adverse effect on your home. A detailed list of old issues left on the kitchen counter is very helpful.

  7. Change all smoke detector, garage door and thermostat batteries, make sure all AC filters are changed and that you have spares in the laundry room.

  8. Use you dehumidifier while you are here to assure that your dehumidifier is working and its filter is clean.

  9. Lubricate all door locks yearly with a graphite lock fluid (Lock Ease). Do not use WD40 for locks.

  10. All Sliding doors should be lubricated assure locks work and that they will hold the door from opening.

  11. While in residence run water in all showers, tubs, sinks and flush all toilets every 2 weeks.

​If you have any questions about our closing suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask.











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